Why Visit Mykonos in October

Autumn is a great time to see one of the popular tourist destinations among tourists from all over the world. Yes, we are talking about Mykonos. During this period, the nightlife becomes less turbulent, and there are fewer and fewer tourists. The beaches are empty, and there is an opportunity to reveal the pearl of Greece from a completely different side.

At the same time, the luxury of this tourist destination remains at the same level but at a more affordable cost. Visitors to the island on a budget have the opportunity to enjoy luxury villas Mykonos and restaurants. What else is so special for travelers at this time? Let’s find it out. 

Why Is It a Good Idea to Visit Mykonos in October?

Even though October is considered off-season, there are some good reasons why it is worth visiting Mykonos at this time. The first three weeks can please tourists with warm weather and the opportunity to enjoy a beach holiday. But in addition to this, it is worth highlighting the following reasons why you should plan your vacation for October:

  • Warm weather. October will bring visitors to Mykonos warm weather without the sultry heat. This weather is ideal for enjoying all the attractions, not just the beaches and azure waves.
  • Opportunity to see the surroundings. In addition to local attractions, you can take a ferry to other islands. Lack of sultry heat will allow you to explore the surroundings and the local flavor of Greece.
  • Saving money. It is worth noting that even though this destination is considered a luxury one, October allows tourists to save money. Since at this time the island’s nightlife begins to fade and the influx of tourists decreases, the cost of air tickets and accommodation becomes much lower than during the season. This is a good time to book an awesome villa or hotel room.
  • The opportunity to meet the locals. During the season, the locals are busy with their work. But as soon as the season ends, they begin to lead their usual way of life, and this allows you to get to know the locals and feel their benevolence and special hospitality.

Which Accommodation Should You Choose In October?

As noted earlier, October pleases with a decrease in prices. Therefore, it is a good opportunity to stay in a luxury hotel at the price of a middle-class hotel. It is also a great time to book one of the luxury Mykonos villas that come with a private pool and promise stunning views of Mykonos.

It is recommended to book the villas in advance. Even though the number of tourists is decreasing, many are trying to get the best apartments and villas during this period due to the affordable cost. This is a real chance to enjoy Greek luxury and the latest design solutions in the hotel industry.

The Bottom Line

The idea to visit Mykonos in October is a good decision for those who want a calm and comfortable holiday, enjoying the luxury of the island at more favorable prices. This is a great moment to get closer to the divine luxury of a Greek island, so get started with planning your vacation right now!