20 Switzerland Travel Tips To Know Before You Go

Like a virtual pockets where you can save, exchange and make funds in several currencies. Fortunately we’re in the twenty first century and the final rule is that you can pay with card. There are even virtually cashless societies where cash is hardly seen – this occurs in locations like Estonia, Finland, or even the town I lived for 5 years, Barcelona. The tip is normally given in cash, using your small change.

  • With an ATM card, you’ll have the flexibility to withdraw money just about anywhere, though you’ll be charged $2–4 per transaction for utilizing a special bank’s network.
  • They take a 25% fee, but provided that you get compensated in the end.
  • Some cities, notably the older ones, could be a labyrinth and navigating them can lead to frustration or, worse, danger.
  • You can buy tickets at any tabaccheria within the metropolis, little handy shops which would possibly