Staycation, Alternative Comfortable Family Vacations

When the holiday season is coming, you and your family will want to enjoy the day off. After all, you’ve spent the time working, take care of business and do a various homework, it’s time to refresh yourself and get out of the routine to have fun with your beloved family. Unfortunately, not only you who have that idea, almost everyone has the same mind.

All people have the same plans as us to spent the day off. Finally, the destination we are going to will be crowded and the road will be jammed. The crowds at the tourist attractions that we go to even make family vacation plans chaotic.

Several families may choose a vacation at the hotel. They guess, going to an attractive place is more convenient to do on weekdays by taking work leave. So that the place we want to visit is quieter and we can enjoy it. If you want to take a vacation to Phuket, 4 Star Hotel Phuket  Vintage Park can be the best choice for those of you who are looking for affordable hotel accommodation.

Then why choose to stay at Novotel Vintage Park? For some people, Novotel Vintage Park is considered just a place to rest when we are outside the house and forced to stay overnight. Even though Novotel Vintage Park offers a lot of facilities that make people come for a vacation and also spend the night at the place. Comfort and tranquility become the main purpose of most people who come to do hotel tours.

If you and your family already feel the pleasure of a hotel tour, you will likely be addicted and re-arrange your vacation plans to stay at your favorite hotel. For you who want to start trying to invite your family with a hotel tour, there are few things you should look at before choosing a hotel, so you will not regret it later.

See the hotel and in-room amenities.

For visitors, the swimming pool is a must. One of the purposes of staying at a hotel is swimming. For families, bringing children to the hotel means taking the children to play water in the pool. Children will feel at home if there is a swimming pool. Other facilities can be adjusted to your hobbies, such as fitness centers, pool, clubs, spas, and others.

Choose a child-friendly hotel.

For you who travel hotels with your children, try to choose a hotel that provides facilities for children. In addition to swimming pools for children, some hotels provide children playgrounds, kids zones, barbie galleries, parks.

Through the tips above, you and your family can optimally enjoy a vacation with a hotel tour without the need to waste your day off by taking part in the flow of public tourist spots. The holiday will feel enjoyable, fun and memorable.