Food Habits and Air Travel – Things to Avoid or Use before Flight

Pretzels or over-salty foods of the plane usually cause trouble for passengers. We have to take it because there is no canteen or tuck shop in the planes. However, there are ways to manage the things. provides quick assistance to passengers as Emirates offers special flight plans. Why don’t you book business class tickets for next tour? Whether you travel in economy or business class, it is necessary to focus on the follow food habits in order to stay fresh in the flight.

Things to Avoid:

Salty Foods:

Don’t take the salty foods before the flight. High sodium intake may result in digestive issues. It becomes common when you are at high altitudes. Why airlines add more salts in meals? As a matter of fact, it is a strange science that your taste buds become unable to detect the salt at high altitude. This is why airline meals come with high salt concentration so the passengers find the food tasty.

Avoid Dehydration:

Take care of hydration. It is one of the main constituents during a flight. Water level keeps the body fresh and active. On the other hand, change in the optimum hydration level may cause trouble. For example, low water level results in dehydration. Therefore, it is necessary to focus on hydration. There are attractive Emirates offers especially on the excellent meal service on-board. Book the business class in order to enjoy unlimited meals, drinks and snacks.

Beans or Cruciferous Vegetables:

These are good for body and health when you are at home. However, these are not good for the traveling in plane. What happens in flight? Taking these vegetables require more time for processing in stomach. You will not be moving while sitting in the seat for longer. Passengers can take zucchini, lettuce, or spinach to get the greens.

Alcohol and Caffeine:

 Avoid both of these things on plane. No doubt, several airlines serve the whisky or bear on-board but it doesn’t mean that you do overtake. Stay away from caffeine and alcohol in order to prevent dehydration. Instead, you can drink some fresh juices or squashes in the flight.

What is good for Air Travel?


This is our number one choice. Nuts are nutritious and healthy. Taking nuts keeps you active and energetic for longer. These are easy to digest. Those who love light but nutritious meals should pack handful of nuts.


Fresh fruits are best snack for flights. These are best source of natural fiber and vitamins. Fruits also help to hydrate the body while keeping the digestion in smooth process. Choose apples, oranges, strawberries and more for the travel. Do you want extra points? Eat melon or cucumber before flight as these are great fluid retention agents.

Flavored Snacks:

After you check the latest Emirates offers on tickets and bookings, shop some flavored snacks. Pack them in the hand-carry. Make sure that you choose freshly packages. Don’t choose the salted snacks such as salted popcorns. Instead, passengers should pack some sweets, and unsalted nuts to enjoy the flight.