Do you want to stay with your family? follow these 5 Tips!

The year-end holiday with the family has become a dream of many families. Not only young families, even families who have been formed for decades have also craved holidays with their families. No need to fancy, sometimes going along to a simple place is also fun. To make your year-end vacation with your family more exciting, it’s good to try these 5 tips. 

1. Decide together, a fun holiday theme

Going on an unplanned vacation is fun, but it will be much more exciting if you and your family determine the right holiday theme. So, the holidays can also be more optimal and not boring. 

There are so many themes you can choose with your family, from a picnic together in a garden, to playing water on the beach in a pirate costume, or visiting Thailand’s country for example. If you want to have a vacation in Thailand, be sure to stay at Ibis Style Ratchada. The Hotel has facilities of Family Room Bangkok

2. Don’t be selfish, let each family member choose

The essence of the holidays with the family is to strengthen friendship and build more time with the family. 

You may have a different desire than others, but don’t be too selfish. Let each family member choose the desired holiday, then decide together and be fair. With a small discussion like this, you can also get to know the character and wishes of your own family. 

3. Explore nearby Locations first

Not only you, many other families in the world always dream of holidays to distant places, or something strange. Surely everyone wants it, but because of the problem of time or cost that is not possible. 

 it’s good to choose a tourist spot that is close to your home. Just a picnic in the park can also be an exciting thing. 

4. Keep it anywhere, as long as it is always together

When talking about holidays with the family, of course the hotel becomes one thing to talk about. For this one, the choice of hotels can be anywhere, as long as the togetherness is still established. 

5. Do not carry a lot of goods, bring items as needed

Not only holidays with family, holidays with friends as well, while bringing a lot of stuff will certainly impede the journey. 

Believe it or not, by carrying more stuff, besides making your body heavier, carrying a lot of stuff can also interfere with your holiday trip. So, you should bring the required items. 

Those are some tips you can try when going on a year-end holiday with family. Make moments with the family a happy and unforgettable moment. Happy Holidays!