Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Mobile Premium Features

For photography lovers, of course, they realize the importance of shooting in Raw format. Because Raw files do not undergo a compression process and store all the detailed information obtained by the camera. This provides more benefits when post-processing to improve photo quality.

Apart from the file size that is larger than the jpeg format, the downside of Raw is that it needs to be processed again. Initially, I edited in the desktop version of Adobe Photoshop Lightroom software, but the time I have in front of the laptop is very limited and runs out of work.

Then, finally, I tried the mobile version of the Lightroom application, who would have thought I could be more productive editing photos via a smartphone. Where can I do it while on my way to and from work using Taxi or while waiting?

In my opinion, Adobe managed to bring desktop Lightroom to mobile very well.

1. Edit Photo Raw

Yes, one of the premium features of Lightroom Mobile is that it can edit Raw photos from a variety of different camera brands. The tools and features provided are fairly complete and continue to improve over time, in my opinion, Lightroom Mobile is quite as powerful as the desktop version.

The advantages of editing Raw photos include that this file has more bit depth and color depth, and optimizes the dynamic range so that it allows us to recover details from the brightest and darkest parts that the sensor can do. Here I compare the differences, for example, the white balance.

Go to the Color tab, you can see that when editing Raw photos, we can re-select the white balance settings such as daylight, cloudy, shade, tungsten, fluorescent, flash, and custom. Also, it has a temp range from 2000K to 50000K. Meanwhile, the jpeg file does not allow changing the white balance and the adjustable tempo range is limited to -100 to 100 only.

2. Cloud Storage 100GB

One of the drawbacks of editing photos on a smartphone is the limitation of the small screen size. We need to zoom in frequently to make sure the focus is right. The thing that is quite difficult is when editing low light photos, where sometimes the noise that appears is not visible on the smartphone screen.

When editing an important project, we can still start on a smartphone and finish on a tablet or laptop. This is because every photo that is imported can be automatically uploaded to 100GB of cloud storage and can be edited on other devices.

3. Selective Adjustment

Some photos are quite complex when edited thoroughly, in Lightroom Mobile we can edit some areas and leave the rest untouched. For example, you can edit only the background, subject, or certain parts.

There are three ways to select the area you want to select. The brush just has to scratch certain parts, a radial gradient in the form of circles, and linear gradients in the form of lines which, for example, can be used to balance a clear sky.

4. Healing Brush

When hunting, sometimes we get good photos but there are distracting elements in it. This is the role of the Healing Brush feature, which allows us to remove unnecessary elements, be they people or other objects. However, it requires high accuracy when editing to get optimal results.

5. Perspective

When shooting architectural photos, using a wide-angle lens easily displays the effect of distortion or camera movement that makes the photo slightly tilted. In Lightroom Mobile, we can improve perspective, such as distortion, straighten lines both vertically and horizontally, rotate, and scale.

So, those are the five premium features in Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Mobile and many more interesting features to enhance photos. Of course, we can access the tutorial, copy and paste preset, to create our own presets. Now the most important thing is that we can import many photos at once, select many photos that you want to edit, and can paste the settings, we can edit very quickly.

Adobe Lightroom Mod Apk

Mod features may be said to be modified features are an alternative to the premium features provided by Adobe, for their types and some features are almost the same as premium features and the following is an explanation