5 Strategies to Make the Meeting Atmosphere Becomes Fun!

Every company has a meeting. The meeting was held to find out various information relating to the work carried out.

Meetings are usually held for at least 30 minutes; the longest can take hours, depending on the matter being discussed. Boredom is something that makes some people lazy to attend a Meeting. To make meetings fun, you can follow these strategies:

Choose a place

The first strategy that you can do to make the meeting enjoyable is to choose a place. Choose a new place for meeting, for example; you can rent Meeting Rooms Patong at Novotel Phuket.

Interesting Presentation Material

The next strategy is to make attractive presentation materials, presentation materials at meetings are usually in the form of slides from power points. For that, you have to make an exciting presentation material, which is different from usual.

To make attractive presentation material, you can create slides that don’t have too much writing, are simple but complete, and display more visual images.

Simple Language

To make people who attend the meeting continue to pay attention to you, you can use simple language in conveying information. Use the most straightforward words because not everyone will understand the complex language you said.

Give Humor

you can give a little humor in meetings. The purpose of providing a little joke is to provide a few words or actions that can make people who attend the Meeting laugh.

It can’t be denied that a meeting can make people bored because of the tense and overly severe atmosphere. A sharp meeting is necessary, but, give a little touch of humor so that the meeting becomes enjoyable is also essential.

Provide snacks

Holding a meeting that tends to be long and requires the mind to think will make people feel hungry. Hungry can make some people can feel bored and unable to focus on listening to the information being conveyed.

For that, provide snacks and soft drinks that can be consumed when the meeting is in progress.