Novotel Phuket to relax with the family in Kamala Beach

A four-star hotel, Novotel Phuket Kamala Beach is located not far from Kamala Beach, a family-friendly resort. Presenting comfort as well as attractive views of Kamala beach are also views around Phuket Island and the lush West coast. Novotel Phuket Kamala Beach is a hotel that is suitable for you who seek tranquility from the hustle and bustle of the metropolis, if you plan on booking a Novotel hotel in advance, you can book directly through the official Novotel hotel website at

The Hotel is within easy reach and only about 25 minutes from Patong, which is the perfect place to enjoy a luxury vacation with a family with pleasant service. In this spacious resort, visitors can have a party in several bars, that have also enjoyed a romantic dinner in the restaurant that is in it. The visitor also enjoys a beautiful location that can maximize the potential …

Do you want to stay with your family? follow these 5 Tips!

The year-end holiday with the family has become a dream of many families. Not only young families, even families who have been formed for decades have also craved holidays with their families. No need to fancy, sometimes going along to a simple place is also fun. To make your year-end vacation with your family more exciting, it’s good to try these 5 tips. 

1. Decide together, a fun holiday theme

Going on an unplanned vacation is fun, but it will be much more exciting if you and your family determine the right holiday theme. So, the holidays can also be more optimal and not boring. 

There are so many themes you can choose with your family, from a picnic together in a garden, to playing water on the beach in a pirate costume, or visiting Thailand’s country for example. If you want to have a vacation in Thailand, be sure …

Staycation, Alternative Comfortable Family Vacations

When the holiday season is coming, you and your family will want to enjoy the day off. After all, you’ve spent the time working, take care of business and do a various homework, it’s time to refresh yourself and get out of the routine to have fun with your beloved family. Unfortunately, not only you who have that idea, almost everyone has the same mind.

All people have the same plans as us to spent the day off. Finally, the destination we are going to will be crowded and the road will be jammed. The crowds at the tourist attractions that we go to even make family vacation plans chaotic.

Several families may choose a vacation at the hotel. They guess, going to an attractive place is more convenient to do on weekdays by taking work leave. So that the place we want to visit is quieter and we can …

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Images – What i’m saying is, who won’t want a good trying sport? If it is unappealing, it lessens the price of the product. Nonetheless, if a recreation’s realism and mechanics might compensate for the shortage of HD artwork, then I might mention that this still price an attempt.

Dengan fitur ini, kamu dapat menyelesaikan proses booking dalam waktu kurang dari satu menit. For kayaking and canoeing lovers the …


Helping Children Enjoy The Cruise

In any form of travel there is a great of discomforts that are present. As we grow older we grow immune to these little discomforts that are otherwise upsetting. That is why private barge charters and yacht hires need hospitality crews to help out.

However, children can be more sensitive to these discomforts and these can end up being bad experiences for them that they carry into adulthood. Because the water travel can be long and ridden with boredom for children if proper care is not taken. Some children are scared of the water and need more comfort than other children.

Now a cruise in a hired yacht is something that is to be enjoyed and if a child does not enjoy it, then it all can be a downer for everyone. So what do we do? Make sure they have a great time is what you do. Taking their …