Like a Heaven on Earth, Peek this Exotic Scenery in Maldives!

Maldives has become famous lately. Speaking of the Maldives itself, it is indeed inseparable from a variety of super beautiful and exotic scenery that makes the area often become a honeymoon destination for a newlywed couple. But, is Maldives that beautiful? Here are some excerpts.

1. Like the Island of Heaven

This is one of the beach resorts in Maldives that you can see from the sky. The small bungalow appears arranged and ready to welcome guests. Raffles Maldives was built right on the top of the water and it directly faces the blue sea. Far from the hustle and bustle of urban boring, Maldives can indeed make anyone fall in love.

2. The sky is not beautiful

Maldives is indeed focused on the natural beauty of the beach and its blue seas. With small bungalows built on the surface of the beach, it’s not just the blue sea that can amaze you. Even the sky above also looks very beautiful.

Blue expanse in the ocean and white clouds is matched perfectly. Maldives does make anyone fascinated and Lost of words.

3. Thousands of Fish in the Ocean

Besides having an exotic beach, Maldives also has an amazing underwater diversity. If you have the chance to do scuba diving in Maldives, you will see thousands of fish moving in groups together. 

Maldives underwater waves are still relatively safe for new divers. That makes many tourists want to see the sea world by itself. One of the underwater paradise in the world might be found in Maldives.

4. Hanging and staring at the beach

Have you ever imagined when you are bored with all your daily work, visiting the beach might be one of the best alternatives? Maldives prepare it all. You can depend on one of the nets tied to coconut trees surrounding the beach. You can have a rest there while enjoying the warm beach breeze and the smell of saltwater.

Seeing the wave on the beach is a very appropriate way of relaxation for people who have been busy with work.