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    Why the Communist Party Defended the Scottsboro Boys

    Why the Communist Party Defended the Scottsboro Boys

    While the cargo train whisked its method within the Alabama rails in 1931, nine boys’ life had been changed forever. The facts of their skirmish with a group of white males as well as 2 ladies regarding the train remain not clear. But because of the conclusion associated with train trip, nine young men—all African American, all teenagers—were headed toward their death by the unjust, vigilante mob and a appropriate system that didn’t value their lives.

    These were the Scottsboro Boys, and their test, death sentences, and dramatic appeals assisted expose the injustice of this American legal system during the 1930s. But false testimony and rousing pleas because of their launch weren’t the sole drama that surrounded their appropriate fight. The Scottsboro instance additionally pitted the NAACP from the Communist Party in a fight for that would get a handle on the boys’ legal defense—and claim this unusual spotlight on battle in America.

    The men’ situation seemed hopeless. After the battle regarding the cargo train, they certainly were falsely accused of rape because of the two white ladies in the group. They certainly were instantly arrested by a posse, tossed into jail in Gadsden, Alabama, and threatened by a lynch mob. Then, all excepting one had been swiftly convicted by all-white juries and sentenced to death.

    At this stage, an unlikely ally swooped in to mobilize for the kids: the American Communist Party. The party was working to make inroads in the United States at the time. Appropriate advocacy ended up being a vital section of that strategy, and Global Labor Defense, the party’s legal defense supply, specialized in offering free legal representation in high-profile instances, like this of Nicola Sacco and Bartolomeo Vanzetti, two Italian anarchists who had been tried and finally performed for murder and robbery in 1927.… Read More...